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grafana work (tons)

parent 4048cebf
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@
- 'grafana'
step_extkey_usage: ["clientAuth"]
step_cn: "grafana.{{domain_name}}"
step_reload_script: "{{lookup('template','step_reload.j2')}}"
dns_names: ['{{ansible_fqdn}}', 'grafana.{{domain_name}}']
step_client_renewtime: "{{'*/2 * * * *'|split(' ')}}"
tags: step
......@@ -3,12 +3,10 @@ datasources:
- name: {{prometheus_server}}
type: prometheus
url: https://{{prometheus_server}}
editable: false
editable: true
tlsCACert: |
{{(lookup('file',root_ca_crt))|regex_replace('\n','\n ',)}}
tlsClientCert: $(echo /etc/ssl/grafana_client/{{fqdn}}.crt)
tlsClientKey: $(echo /etc/ssl/grafana_client/{{fqdn}}.key)
tlsAuth: true
tlsAuthWithCACert: true
sudo -u step /usr/local/bin/step_cert_make {{step_cn}} {{step_client_dir}}/root.ca.crt {{step_client_dir}}/key.json {{step_client_user}}@{{fqdn}} {{step_client_dir}}/{{inventory_hostname}}.csr {{step_client_dir}}/{{inventory_hostname}}.crt || exit 1
/usr/sbin/service grafana-server restart
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