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Commit efa211a4 authored by Fabian Schindler's avatar Fabian Schindler
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Due to strange yaml behaviors begin/end times can be strings

parent 16a9bfa4
......@@ -190,10 +190,20 @@ class OpenSearchQuery(Query):
url = urls[mimetype]["url"]
queryables = urls[mimetype]["params"]
if isinstance(self.time_begin, str):
time_begin = self.time_begin
time_begin = self.time_begin.isoformat()
if isinstance(self.time_end, str):
time_end = self.time_end
time_end = self.time_end.isoformat()
mapping = {
"{geo:box}": self.bbox,
"{time:start}": self.time_begin.isoformat(),
"{time:end}": self.time_end.isoformat(),
"{time:start}": time_begin,
"{time:end}": time_end,
"{count}": int(
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