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Commit cd4e061b authored by Nikola Jankovic's avatar Nikola Jankovic 💻
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Merge branch 'main' of gitlab.eox.at:vs/vs-deployment

parents 727d6d2f fa704e42
Pipeline #25510 passed with stage
......@@ -31,6 +31,6 @@ dependencies:
version: 2.1.8
- name: vs-preprocessor-v3
repository: https://charts-public.hub.eox.at
version: 3.0.3
digest: sha256:597d1f213c97a2be2b0bcc1bedfee3e12bb82cb357b6f32b4c5d107f19ec8e16
generated: "2022-07-08T17:01:15.32769001Z"
version: 3.0.4
digest: sha256:5b95701839d7a3e50a0c8eda3e4b133e721ae5cd7e27b5289fc8937993fb7c29
generated: "2022-07-11T14:26:37.688756653Z"
......@@ -54,6 +54,6 @@ dependencies:
repository: "https://charts-public.hub.eox.at"
alias: preprocessor
- name: vs-preprocessor-v3
version: "3.0.3"
version: "3.0.4"
repository: "https://charts-public.hub.eox.at"
alias: preprocessor-v3
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