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Migrate client

Lubomir Dolezal requested to merge migrate-client into staging
  • adding github eoxc/prism/ repository as client/ with its complete history (originally coming from github eoxc/mundi)
  • built js file now named vsclient.js instead of prism.js
  • two stage build for production using node for building library and lightweight nginx for serving static files
  • one stage build for development - docker build -f client/Dockerfile.dev -t registry.gitlab.eox.at/esa/prism/vs/pvs_client:dev client/ utilizing node and webpack dev-server allowing hot-reload in running dev stack
  • update bumpversion script to also bump client package.json and package-lock.json
  • install corsheaders django plugin and configure it for DEV=true env - added to dev renderer&registrar services in compose files (we do not know which one will do the configuration)
  • mount dev client instead of using docker config
  • closes #80 (closed)
Edited by Lubomir Dolezal

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