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Commit 04e76099 authored by Marko Locher's avatar Marko Locher
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Updated Vagrantfile to use CentOS6 box built by EOX

Removed auto update for guest additions, as this is included in recent releases of vagrant
parent 9dc73971
......@@ -16,9 +16,9 @@ Vagrant::Config.run do |config|
# please see the online documentation at vagrantup.com.
# This box is a minimal install of centos 6.3
config.vm.box = "centos63"
config.vm.box_url = 'http://puppet-vagrant-boxes.puppetlabs.com/centos-63-x64.box'
config.vm.host_name = "centos-63-64-rpmbuild.vagrant"
config.vm.box = "centos6"
config.vm.box_url = 'http://downloads.eox.at/boxes/centos6.box'
config.vm.host_name = "centos6-rpmbuild.vagrant"
config.vm.customize ["modifyvm", :id, "--memory", 1024]
# The url from where the 'config.vm.box' box will be fetched if it
......@@ -62,12 +62,4 @@ Vagrant::Config.run do |config|
puppet.module_path = "puppet/modules"
# Auto update guest additions, to use this, please install vagrant-vbguest
# vagrant gem install vagrant-vbguest
Vagrant::Config.run do |config|
# set auto_update to false, if do NOT want to check the correct additions
# version when booting this machine
#config.vbguest.auto_update = false
\ No newline at end of file
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