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## To start building
* Install vagrant, see http://docs.vagrantup.com/v1/docs/getting-started/index.html for more information. (Or install the latest version by running the following command)
bundle install
* Clone this project!
git clone https://gitlab.eox.at/vagrant/builder_rpm.git ./
* Edit the _Vagrantfile_ and update the project (see the beginning of [Vagrantfile](/vagrant/builder_rpm/tree/master/Vagrantfile))
* Copy your source archive into the _build/SOURCES_ folder
* Copy your spec file into the _build/SPECS_ folder
* Start the VM
vagrant up
* Open a SSH connection
vagrant ssh
* Change to the rpmbuild folder
* Build your RPMs
rpmbuild -ba SPECS/project.spec
* Wait ...
* On your own machine, you can now find your RPMs in the _build/RPMS_ and _build/SRPMS_ folders
* Done!
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